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momcasinos.com welcomes compelling guest posts about gambling related topics, like  write for us casino and sport betting, from all sorts of authors. These are a great way to share what you know about gambling with others.

Don’t think guest posts are a way for our staff to be lazy. That’s not the case. We put as much work (or more) into guest posts as we do into writing our own articles. Guest posts are an important part of what makes momcasinos.com a great place to learn about gambling. It gives our readers the benefit to get also external information and views.

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Casino & Gambling Guest Post Guidelines

Because we receive so many guest post submissions, we made some guidelines. If your post meets these criteria it will get posted:

Write in a “bloggy” style and format. This is not an Encyclopedia or commercial. Be conversational. Write like you’re writing to your family or friends. Break up the page to make it easier to read. Use headings for different sections. Use bullet points. Bold your important points. Include illustrations.

Be original and new. Unique articles attract attention. Think like a reader; Is this interesting for me?

Make a point.
 Don’t use small talk. If you want to tell why you have the best no deposit bonus, don’t talk about no deposit bonuses in general, but be clear why yours is the best.

Don’t SPAM.
 Yes, you can include one link back to your site. That’s a fair exchange for you giving me an article. But if the entire purpose of your post is to sneak in affiliate links, we are not going to publish it.

Use Sources. If you make claims, back it up with reliable sources.

Proofread. And preferably by other people as well.
 Everyone makes errors, it is hard to see you own mistakes, but proofreading will help, read your post 2-5 times before submitting it. If you have other people to read it, use them, it will save you time and they will see more errors than you do.

The length requirement at momcasinos.com; your guest post must be at least 500 words, with a maximum of 2000. But quality is more important than quantity.

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