What are the best casino games to win money online?

Playing Online Casino

In the variety of online games to win real money available on the internet, it will not always be easy to discover which casino games will have the best prize, much less which of the games offers the best chances of winning.

That is why we have compiled a brief description of the casino games, and even present the best opportunities in this business, as well as informing you what your chances of being able to win in each game will be.

Slot machines

Slot machines or slots are combination games in which, by turning the handle, the customer will be lucky enough to combine images in line, column and diagonals.

This will depend on the modality and the amount that the player is ready to bet, among the best casino games to win money, slots will definitely be a very good option.

The roulette

There are different variations in roulette games, to win money in online casino it is very important to know which of the variations will offer the best RTP ( total value that players win), among the variations that you will find.

Apart from that, there is a variation called La Partage, where the player can request to enter the Partage while the ball is spinning on the wheel, if the ball stops at 0, half of the bets are returned to the punters.

online poker

Like roulette, poker will also have its variations, when entering games that are worth free money in casino sites, the bettor will be able to choose between joker poker or the traditional Hold’em, Jack or better or Baccarat.

Each prototype of poker will have its unique characteristic, in the case of Hold’em, for example, the player will have two cards in his hand and five new cards are opened on the table, there is no joker.

In Baccarat the competition is by points, the one with the highest score in the hand wins the pot or the jackpot, in the case of RTP, the order is Jack or Better, with 99.56%, Baccarat with 98.94% and Texas Hold’em 98.10%.

The RPT of Jack or Better is higher, since the bettor who has a pair of jacks or previous pairs, will be the winner.


Of so many best online casino games, blackjack is one of the favorites of users, also known as 21, this game has its variations, in the case of the classic, the player who adds 21 will be the winner.

In some online casinos they allow the bettor to play simultaneous hands at the same table, it is called multihand blackjack, another interesting variation is double exposure blackjack, where the player will see the cards of the group and vice versa.

Which means that you will be able to know which hand you are betting against, considering one of the casino games with the best chances of winning, classic blackjack has 99.63% RTP, everything will depend on how the player manages their bets and their luck .


Considered by some to be the best casino game to win money, this due to its RTP of 99.53%, craps is the game of dice in which players risk the hunch of the final result.

In craps, the bettor can win by making the correct bet on the betting table, if he is the shooter he can win if he rolls a 7, 11 or, in addition to those numbers, if his key number wins, which cannot be 2, 3 or 12.