Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide

Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide

What is the Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide? It’s a book that provides some amazing insights into winning situations from basic blackjack rules through to advanced strategy and tactics for playing blackjack. It’s written by an experienced dealer who had many years of experience in online casino gambling. It covers all the basic ideas about how to play blackjack such as how to mentally prepare for the game and what to look out for. It also gives you valuable tips on making the most of your bankroll, what to bet on and when to fold, as well as the dos and don’t of betting online and in real life.

The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide covers everything from how to bluff your way to a big win. In fact, it even has an extensive chapter on how to win with card deals. In this section, the author examines different types of card hands and how you can use them to win. He shows how to identify high odds multi-suit pairs by examining their chances of drawing a specific card, then exploiting this information to bet against the dealer and make profits.

The second section of the guide looks at how you can develop a killer strategy using your Ace-4, Ace-5, King-2, Queen-4, Jack-4, King-3 or Ace-5. Basically you need to get to an advanced stage where you can double or triple your bets without having to leave the table. The author explains how to use these various combination’s in any game of blackjack, regardless of whether you are playing for money or bluffing. He also gives some great examples on when soft hands are a suitable option against a dealer.

The third section of The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide examines the optimal times to play certain blackjack games. For example, is it more profitable to play a rapid blackjack game after having been dealt a five-card hand or is it more advisable to play slow before throwing down a three-card bonus? Also, does it make sense to play a three-card game from the flop if you have been dealt a straight, full house or flush, or is it better to get out now and hope for better cards later?

The fourth section looks at what to do if the dealer misses almost all his red bets. What if, for example, he misses all his Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, Aces and Cherries? The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide offers a number of different possible outcomes based on the numbers that are missing from the dealer’s deck. It shows how to read the cards in a four-suit game and how to double or triple your bet if the first three aces. It also examines how to use the extreme action of betting out before the flop if you have an Ace-King or Ace-10 in your hand.

The fifth and final section looks at how to judge whether a card is a good or a bad call. After all, many opponents will play the same card, and the temptation to bet on a hand with premium hands just because it is rare is real. Does the dealer show proper skill by betting out when his card is a strong one, or is it an over-priced hand? The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide takes a simple rule and applies it to nearly every type of blackjack, even the most bizarre games. It explains how to evaluate a hand and how to judge whether a specific card is a great call or not. It also offers information on when to raise and fold, how to stay in when you are ahead and how to fold when the odds are in your favor.

The final section explains when it makes sense to switch from playing option A to option B, or vice versa. For example, when playing Texas Hold’em and the board is split 50/50, should you keep playing with your original four suit top bet and fold if the pot becomes thinning out? Or should you switch to an off-suit pair like straights and quads and play that hand out when the table has a lot of depth? The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide takes these questions and answers them in an easy-to-follow manner. It then walks readers through the process of actually switching from one option to another, which is just as important as choosing a good starting hand.

Overall, this is a very thorough look at the best poker books available. It starts off with basic poker rules and then delves into the strategy for blackjack, including numerous excellent beginner lessons and excellent material on how to analyze various styles of playing, including both hands and freerolls. The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide ends with a powerful section on how to choose the right freeroll table. This is probably the section that sets this book apart from the other big sellers. All in all, this is a great reference that any serious player will enjoy.