Top 10 tips for betting online

betting online
betting online

Gambling online is, by its very nature, a risky way of spending time or even trying to make money. But when done sensibly, it can also be a fun and exciting way to enjoy sports.

But how can you get the most out of your bet? What’s the best way to get around the tricks of operators trying to get your attention?

Here are some tips or advice to bet online and make the most of your money:

Best tips and advice to win betting

You must know the sport in depth

It’s not just about knowing which soccer team has won its last six games in a row, but knowing how well they’ve really played offensively and defensively, the fitness of their players, the experience of the coach, how good the players are at keep possession of the ball, etc.

These are the kinds of details that will tell you who to bet on and help you better prepare to spot those good value markets.

Do not settle for a single operator

Although we all have a favorite operator to bet, check statistics, see schedules, etc, it is always good to take a look at the competitors of our favorite bookmaker. Precisely because it is a highly competitive sector, operators tend to offer general promotions or for specific bets and improved odds to attract more customers.

Take into account the different types of bets, markets and operator fees before putting your money in a place just for loyalty, if you do a little research you can surely benefit.

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The favorite doesn’t always win.

It may seem obvious, but many bettors rely on the favorites chosen by the operators to place their bets, and sometimes it is better to trust our own instincts and knowledge.

Traders may miss some details that you might see and that gives you an advantage over them.

The fewer selections, the better

This is something that, although it sounds like common sense, bettors forget all the time. The fewer selections you include in your bet, the more chances you have to win.

If you are gambling to make money, think small, never big. Betting on a team or selection is enough, maybe you can include 3 or 4 more, but once you find yourself betting an accumulator of 20 times you will realize how risky it is.

Operators lose most of their money on simple bets , so take into account the different types of bets before making a decision.

Avoid the temptation of odds and prices

If you find yourself desperately wanting that tough bet on a Saturday afternoon, don’t stack your accumulator with odds-based selections. It’s decreasing your chance of winning.

This is really easy to do in tennis, for example, when the best tennis players play against strangers it would seem like a good idea to make a multiple bet to win easy money, but that is a mistake. This sport is famous for offering terrible odds on betting matches and you might only end up with returns at 3/1.

It would make more sense to research and find a player who has a favorable draw and bet on him for a better price.

Make sure you understand the different markets well

It is important to fully understand the terms of the markets and different types of bets before putting your money on the line.

For example, a common mistake is to bet on something at half time/full time and mistake it for the market to win both halves. If you put your money in the part-time/full-time market, it means that your team has to lead in the first half and then win the match. If you bet to win both halves, it means that your team has to win both halves separately.

It sounds silly but in the end it can be frustrating for punters when they go to withdraw their winnings.


Consider the less obvious markets

Once you know your sport well, you will be able to find better value in the hundreds of markets and different types of bets that operators offer.

Naturally, operators will always offer you many ways to make you lose, but you can outsmart them and find the best odds and prices.

For example, it may sound crazy to bet on Leicester City when they play Chelsea, Manchester City or another strong team. Usually people believe that the higher a team is in the standings the stronger they are, but that’s not always the case and if you do your research you can find out that Jamie Vardy is the top scorer in the Premier League, for Therefore, betting on him to score a goal at any time in the match is practically a safe bet.

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It is difficult to determine the right time to place a bet as, unlike horse racing, in other sports they are not “best guaranteed odds”, but it is usually best to place it on the day of the match as most operators will improve odds or offer exclusive promotions.

If it is a very popular event, the operators will surely offer special promotions in advance to attract more customers. This could be a good opportunity but always check the terms and conditions.

Bet on less popular sports

Operators are always looking for a new way to get you to bet and give them your money, which is why they tend to expand their types of bets, sports and markets.

This can be an advantage for you but you must be well informed about the sport you choose, the idea is that you know more than them who are starting to handle a new sport that is not as popular and who may not know as much as they would like about him.

Never bet with your heart

The last tip or advice is perhaps one of the most important: never bet with your heart. It is normal that you have a favorite team and that you always want them to win, but sometimes that fanatical love can cloud your vision about their status and their real chances of winning a game.

An extra tip or advice within this would be to bet on your team if it faces unknown or weak teams, but if it plays against strong teams it is better to bet against them: if your team wins, then great!, if it loses then you would win some money for the bet and that can make up for seeing your team lose.


We all have lucky days and days when we lose everything, that’s why it’s good to bet only money that we can afford to lose and if the fun of betting online is lost along with our money, maybe it’s time to stop.