The Rise of Legal Casino & Online Gambling In India

Online Gambling

The rapid growth of online gambling in India is a testimony to the immense popularity of the internet. In fact, many refer to it as the golden land of gambling, a place where people from all walks of life come to experience the thrill of win, lose, or be lucky enough to win big at the virtual tables of the many online betting websites. The presence of such a wide population of bettors has resulted in the quick growth of the legal gaming sector in India. This has led to the establishment of innumerable casinos and poker rooms on the internet, as well as a booming real estate industry.


There has been a parallel increase in the number of hotels as well as restaurants in the state of India. The growth in the number of visitors, both domestic and foreign, to these sites has also made the business of online gambling in India quite lucrative. The rise of online gambling in India is attributed to many factors, the most prominent being the increasing demand for it amongst its people. Legal casinos are mushrooming like wild mushrooms all over the country, and as such there are many cases of bootleg and counterfeit gambling software that are being detected and dealt with by the government on a daily basis.


The internet also offers easy access to a host of gambling related sites that do not require you to download any software. The most popular among these are those related to blackjack and roulette. With millions of people logging on to the internet daily, you can be sure that a legal casino site will have players from every part of the world. However, when you intend to play your favourite game of blackjack online, be sure to choose a genuine site so that you can play safe against other players.


Another reason as to why online gambling is becoming so popular in India can be linked to the increasing number of international casinos that are sprouting up across the country. This is not only benefiting the players, as many new players are getting attracted by this phenomenon. The government is trying to encourage this by granting tax exemptions to online gambling. However, as far as legal casino sites are concerned, it would seem that the government has done little to help them, as they have not been granted tax exemptions.


However, all this might change in the near future. The gaming laws are bound to change at some point, as it always does. There is no point in waiting till the laws change to play your favorite game. The gaming industry is constantly growing in India, but the government must realize that it cannot take its foot lightly in this field. As such, all new regulation and restrictions must be given ample time to propagate through the gaming industry before they cause havoc. Hence, the current focus of the government should be to regulate all aspects of the gaming business in order to make sure that the country’s leading gambling operators are operating legally, rather than illegally.


The next step for the government will be to curb the power of online gambling. There are a lot of stories that have come out in the last few months about people who have been cheated by fraudulent online gambling companies. The rise of these illegal gambling sites has also led to more competition among the legitimate ones. Hence, if the government really wishes to protect its people from fraudulent companies, then it must do something about online gambling. However, this seems to be a difficult task as currently there are no clear guidelines and standards that the government has to follow.


It is also expected that the government will introduce a legal casino zone where only licensed gambling operators can set up their operations. This area will be a closed circuit, with the police monitoring the activities going on. This will surely help curtail the growth of online gambling in India. This is another reason why many Indians are saying that the government rules are good and can be used effectively to regulate the industry. There are also efforts going on the state level to reduce the amount of taxes which are charged on the online casinos by reducing the payouts by millions of dollars.


It is evident that the internet has made the world a global village. The government cannot just rely on the police to restrict the growth of online gambling sites. The same argument can be used up for shutting down legal casino zones. Therefore, it is clear that the government has to do whatever is possible to maintain order in these areas. It is up to the government now to control the growing number of gambling sites. The success of these efforts will depend very much on the efforts being made by the government and its agents.

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