The Main Casinos of the

The Main Casinos of the

In The Main Casino Casinos of the World, by Frank De Marco and Sandra A. Gutman, the author provides a first-person account of the world’s most famous gambling cities, which were built during the Second World War. The book covers a host of cities from New Orleans to Monte Carlo to Havana. It is a great companion to Casinos: An American History, as it covers the same cities but with an American perspective. The book contains a wealth of historical and travel information, some of which is covered more than once in other works on this subject.

What I love about this book is that it is not just another Casinos biography. It actually takes you behind the scenes to provide you with the experience of how these cities were built, by providing accounts and insights of the actual people who lived in them. In addition, the book gives an account or overview of the gambling experience at these casinos. The authors have done an excellent job of describing the sights, sounds and smells along with all of the legal and gaming situations that surrounded these gambling establishments.

If you are a gambling fanatic like me, you will appreciate this book. The account in The Main Casinos of the World will fascinate you, because it covers so many cities, including some you may have never visited. Many of the names of the places in this book are familiar to those who have visited before and enjoyed their visit. There is a lot of information that will make your visit to these wonderful locations more enjoyable because it gives real life experiences.

My favorite aspect of this book is that the author, Frank De Marco, is a true traveler himself. He traveled the world for several years between his retirement and his writing of this travel guide. He covered many exciting cities in his travels, and The Main Casinos of the World includes those cities. You will truly experience the laid-back atmosphere of these gambling establishments after reading this book.

Although the content of this book may be familiar to many, there are new details that will make your experience all the more interesting. I especially loved the stories of the different casino games that were played in each city that he covers. These included Blackjack, seven-card stud, jokers, baccarat, craps, roulette and the ever popular poker.

This historical reference manual is definitely worth the price that it is priced at. It is filled with entertaining and informative anecdotes about the days that were spent fighting in Europe during the World War II. Although the author starts out with the story of his firsthand experiences in the United States in the Pacific, the content of his book really takes you inside the world of the New York skyline as he relates stories of the many Allied forces who were defeated by the Japanese in this famous Battle of Midway. As a bonus, he includes a timeline of the Pacific theater of operations. Detailed photographs are included as well as a timeline of the months that the war raged.

The author provides detailed information on the game tables that were used for these battles, and he includes an interview with the legendary casino owner of Las Vegas, Steve Adler, and his own first hand accounts of the gaming and gambling experience that he had while he was there. There are photos of the set of cards from this era that are used in the casinos today. Steve Adler is also interviewed and gives his personal view of why the casinos in Las Vegas were built in the way they are. This is a great little book for those that have an avid interest in history, gaming, and the history of the gambler’s favorite pastime.

A fun, lighthearted read about the World War II Gambling Centennial, which was the very first gambling event to be organized by the United States Army in the history of the country. Full of colorful stories and wonderful graphics, this book will make the gamer shed new light on this aspect of gaming and the historical events that inspired it. For gamers that enjoy a good story, and do not mind getting a little dirty, this book will be a winner. For those that want to enjoy their gaming without worrying about getting their skin raw or injuring themselves with hundreds of pieces of broken glass or dangerous lasers and metal debris, this is a great choice for stocking at least one gaming bin. For those that are looking for a great story filled with humor and military adventure, this is the book for them.