One of the most beautifully filmed movies of recent times, NEWBIE CASINO is directed by none other than Clint Eastwood. Considered to be one of the best Italian films of all time, this is a film that showcases one of the most gripping acting performances to date from Al Pacino. The film itself is quite long, which gives it a deserved length. If you want to experience an old-school spaghetti western, then this is definitely for you!

Having originally been created as a script for BBC, NEWBIE CASICO: GAMES & TIPS manage to combine this classic style with the modern era by telling the story of two brothers (Pacino and Mario) who find themselves in a world of trouble after the authorities discover they are illegally trading weapons. With the authorities hot on their heels, the two men must race against each other to make it out of the city and back home. The two brothers eventually manage to get away, however just as quickly they encounter a band of Mexican gun runners who seem intent on shooting them.

The first thing you will notice about NEWBIE CASINO: GAMES & TIPS are just how realistic the film looks and feels. The two different films that were made were shot using actual guns (instead of digital ones), and the sets are very authentic looking. The clothes worn by the various characters are also very realistic (there’s even a brief moment when Pacino has to dress up like a waiter… amazingly cool). The entire movie just looks and feels real, and that’s definitely one of the highlights of the film!

As well as looking and feeling authentic, this movie also stars Steve McQueen, whom you’ll have heard of from either his earlier films or his later movies such as Mandela. Steve McQueen shines in this film, bringing the role of Steve Austin to a new level. His performance is both convincing and deeply emotional; he completely sells himself and his character, and is easily the best actor of the movie. The other great thing about Steve McQueen is that he’s still just as sexy as he was in Kill Bill…

The second major character is Franky, played by Nicholas Cage. Franky is the son of the boss at the New Bohemian Academy, where he met chicks (and some snakes, and lots of guns). Franky is kind of a mischievous kid, and he likes to mess with people. He’s a real good kid, but also displays some extreme abilities, like flying and surprisingly, he can actually talk.

One interesting thing I noticed about the movie that wasn’t obvious to me until I saw it was that in the beginning of the movie, there is a mention of Franky playing in a polo team. In the credits you’ll see that he’s also in a company called Black- Sabbath. Then in the end of the movie you’ll see him playing golf. So, is he a member of the company? And what does he do there?

Well, it turns out that he’s actually working as a golf pro with the very same company that lent him his own eye in the movie, and in fact the movie takes place almost entirely on the golf course. It’s just that one day, he decides to quit and go back to New York. But first he must take care of some business, like getting a driver’s license and obtaining insurance.

Overall, this movie is entertaining, and it’s worth a look if you happen to like movies that start with a funny scene and then go downhill from there. Like most movies, there are just a few surprises throughout, but I found the humor to be well-developed. Plus, like I said, it’s one of those movies that you won’t remember completely when you’re watching it, but it’ll stick with you. If you enjoy comedies, you’ll love The New Bohemian Academy. I think it will be a winner for many viewers.