Everything You Need to Know About Casino Credits

Heading to a casino near you? Carrying cash or even wallets may feel inconvenient and irksome to you but you definitely can’t do without money. Also, you may exceed your daily withdrawal limit at the ATM when you wish to bet big. There is also the problem of cash flow; you may not always have enough but you’d like to place some bets at a casino game. What do you do in such a scenario? That’s where casino credits come into play.

What does casino credit mean?

Casino credit lets you access funds for your games without you having to carry cash with you all the time. It is part of the privileges that casinos offer to their customers and acts as a line of credit that is offered to boost loyalty or to reward regular gamers at casinos. It is highly convenient for you as a player to not worry about cash in your wallet while you head out to the table. You can instead focus on your moves! If you are a high roller, who places big bets, casino credit definitely comes in handy.

Before you get down to learning about how to get a line of credit, it helps to get an idea of what a player’s card and what role it plays.

The player’s card is essentially a card that lets the casino track all your plays, whether at table games or slot machines. When you use a player’s card at a slot machine, your entire game details, the machine you are at, the bet and the duration of your presence gets updated onto your profile.

With a good history on the player’s card you may win points which you may redeem for playing free. You also get complimentary services or items that the casino offers based on how much you have bet, how long you have played or the casino games you have played. These privileges or offers are called comps in casino lingo. Comps can include free meals or stays at the casino’s hotel or airport pickups among others. Additional comps are offered when you have a higher line of credit and have used the line of credit to play big or at that level.

How does one establish a line of credit at the casino?

To establish a line of credit, you would need to contact the casino before you visit. Also, you may be asked if you have a player’s card. If you have one, it becomes easier for the personnel at the cashier’s desk to refer to your card details and ensure that you get a line of credit. You will also be given an application form so you can fill in your details, including bank account information, name and address. You will have to provide your checking account number on the form as well. Some casinos may offer an online form as well for applying.

When you opt for a certain amount of credit, you should make sure it is in line with the money that you have in your checking account.

Once the line of credit gets approval, you may have to visit the casino office and complete certain procedures and furnish documents such as your photograph and your player’s card. It is ideal that you check with your casino about these details as the requirements may change from one establishment to another.

Taking markers

While different casinos offer different systems to ensure players have access to cash including ATM machines or cash services for withdrawal from checking/savings accounts, one of the most common ways is to offer markers. Markers are routes to short-term lines of credit that are also interest-free. These loans may come with a repayment clause of say 30 or 45 days, depending on the casino. You can request a marker with the amount you would like. The casino presents a form which you will be asked to sign following which your chips are provided. Once you play and win, you will have to hand over the chips to the cashier. If you have lost, you may have to write a check. In certain casinos, the marker amount given will be based on your credit line or own your casino games history.

Here are some factors to consider when you seek casino credits:

  • Your credit line approval depends on whether you are a fresh player without history. If you are new, the casino may take some time to look into your details. New credit applicants may get a restricted credit line
  • Many casinos will track your credit ratings with one of the credit bureaus before approving your casino credits.
  • If you are an experienced player getting credit is straightforward and simple.
  • Because casino credits don’t charge any fees or interest on the money lent, they turn out to be more advantageous than using your ATM card where you may have to pay transaction fees.
  • Although the rules vary from casino to another, typically, if you owe a higher amount, the chances of being provided more installments for repayment are higher.
  • While casino credit offers you the advantage of playing freely, without the inconvenience of carrying cash or having to worry about cash flows for the time being, it helps to keep in mind that you should use your credit with discretion and caution. Remember that a casino credit is a short-term option for your convenience and you will eventually have to ensure you have enough cash flows and have planned your budget.


Casino credits are privileges offered to customers to help them play casino games without relying on cash. Players can use markers and seek a line of credit so that they can repay later. Credits are also often accompanied by comps for some experienced players who may place big bets, play for a longer duration or choose a certain casino game. It helps to treat casino credits with discretion and respect — it’s you who have to pay it back later. Managing your cash flows smartly and good management of finances are of the essence while gambling, and more so when you seek casino credits.