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The “Torrent” archives are subject to constantly monitored, and it’s normal to see them as the protagonists of blockades, particularly within the United Kingdom and the United States however, regardless, the dominance of specific portals in the search of torrents continues to be unstoppable. As of now there will be a small number of people who don’t know the nature of these files are, or at the very least, know the purpose for which they serve.

They are, in essence, files that contain metadata and details about the destination file Some of them are protected by intellectual property rights which are later downloaded with the BitTorrent application using a simple application.

The cumulative number of visits from torrent search engines over the last few years have proven the popularity of the P2P transfer method. It’s not surprising that among the top 1,000 visited sites around the globe are five of these portals. In Torrenfreak they create each year an annual list of the top popular search engines in relation to the amount of users they attract and, generally the quality of the search engines is correlated with their popularity.

Pirate Bay: The Pirate Bay: the best-known torrent

The Pirate Bay: The veteran portal launched on the 15th of September 2013 by the anti-copyright firm Piratbyran has recorded in two years an increase in contributions from users of 50%, bringing 2.8 million files available with nearly 19 million of users. According to deasilex.com, it’s one of the top torrent websites of 2021.

The legal persecutors that he has been confronted has led him to alter the server’s location at various times. According to file types, video is the mainstay with 54% of the contents of the Swedish website.

On March 27, 2015, the Central Contentious-Administrative Court of Madrid ordered the ISPs to block and suspend access to the ThePirateBay network within 72 hours, so this portal was the first closed website officially in Spain thanks to the Sinde Law.

KickassTorrents: an alternatives for The Pirate Bay

Prior to the flood of closings KickassTorrents came into existence in 2009 to provide a fresh alternative, but on July 21st, 2016 they were shut down and arrested its founder. In just three years, it became the second-most visited search engine worldwide. Each day, more than 12 million searches were recorded on the site, which is an archive that is larger than 10 , million of files mainly in relation to music. As you can see from its rapid growth to become a favorite among users. It was banned in Italy as well as the United Kingdom.

In July of 2016 the site was made no longer accessible. This was in conjunction with the detention of Ukraine of Artem Vaulin, a 30 year old man who is alleged to be the creator of the site who was arrested on charges of the infringement of copyrights and conspiracy rights to use money laundering. Since then, upon entering the site, an advertisement is displayed warning users that the site was confiscated through authorities from the Department of Justice.

Version 1.0: In December 2016, KickassTorrents announces its return with a focus on the enhancements made regarding security and privacy for users. Though the people who founded the site are looking forward to seeing their faces before the courts in the United States, this has not stopped them from retaking the project, as per the site’s founders, but in a totally legal manner.

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The most efficient method to download from 13377x.to

To download your selection on the internet, you must pursue these basic technological advances:

  • You can type in what you want to download into the 13377x intermediary search bar.
  • You can snap-on the perfect archive or record.
  • Choose the type of P2P procedure you require: Magnet to open the connection directly using your BitTorrent customer, and watch it spill (introducing both the service and other modules in TorrentsTime), .deluge record to initiate the download physically , or direct download from an external page.

Once you’ve got the record changed within your control You just need to relax and enjoy. Additionally, you can make popcorn, drink cool drinks and be sure to keep it in your mind.

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The famous torrents search engine, which went on to a better home


Simple and reliable It is of similar to The Pirate Bay. Since its inception, it has been a resource among Internet users, however its growth has been slow. Yet it has maintained an honourable spot on the list of most frequently visited websites on the web which is ranked 153rd as per Alexa. It doesn’t host torrents , but it utilizes the search engine to locate 25 million of files from 32 domains.

Latest Update After the original closing of KickassTorrents, Torrenz decided to withdraw its subscription, even though it’s still possible to access the website. However, it is not operational and it’s not possible to browse for torrents. The service officially shut down on the 5th of August, 2016.


It was deemed by the Motion Picture Association of America ( MPAA ) as one of the most risky web sites in the perspective of pirates. This is at present the fourth most frequented search engine for torrents worldwide.

Latest Update ExtraTorrent shut down its operations in the month of May of 2017 and the company’s collaborators have decided to create a new platform for downloading called ETTV.


The recent news is a scathing critique of the internet. The company is focused on audiovisual content and it has grown to become the fifth most frequented internet search engine for torrents. web which has confronted the authorities of the United Kingdom, where it was banned in 2013.

Some of the most famous torrent search engines.


It was created in 2007, however it wasn’t until 2012 that it started to expand. The goal of this site is not to store the most files possible but to ensure that they are of high quality. More closely to the user the goal is to surpass the limitations of a simple search engine and create the feeling of a community. It has 655,772 indexable torrents as well as 229,103 users however registration isn’t required. This is the 6th site of torrents, with the highest than a million users on the network. It is banned by certain internet service providers from the United Kingdom.


It is a search engine that is specialized in TV series and content which is one of the most popular cultural merchandise of style. The volume of traffic fluctuates based on the seasons that are new and the popularity of the show however, despite the sporadicity when it comes to the amount of content, its volume of traffic is very high. It is ranked on Alexa the 1,050 position among the most popular sites within the network.


The proprietor of the IsoHunt.com domain, Gary Fung, reached an agreement together with Motion Picture Association of America to shut down the website and to pay the association 110 million dollars. Two weeks later anonymously, a group of users revived the website with a brand new domain, regaining 75 percent of the original content but the filtering rules that are imposed by the industry are still in place. It has already had 16 million users who are unique and, in terms of quantity of files, it holds 1.4 million torrents.


Established in 2008, it is still a reference. It’s an engine that is specialized in TV content as it’s mainstay, but also includes content that is that is related to games and software. They claim that they contain greater than 21 million documents that are indexed by 369 different websites.


A bit amateurish, it is the Bulgarian portal has now become one of the top websites in the United Kingdom because the authorities haven’t blocked the website. It’s one of the top 2,000 websites worldwide, though it’s not the most trustworthy: in the past year, fake torrents were able to sneak in to the engine. At present, RARBG is blocked by operators from more than 10 different countries.